Bellingham, WA Preferred Siding Contractors

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Our Experiences With Siding Companies in Bellingham.

Here at Boosted Brands, we focus on each niche as if it were our own. As we explored the niches of home remodeling and renovations, we found companies that show great ethos, and some which we recommend you avoid. We will build a list of our recommendations as of April 2024.

Our Recommendations:

Exterior Siding Replacement and Installation – Siding Vault

Exterior and Interior Painting – Hilltop Painting

Roofing Replacement – Topside Roofing and Siding

Flooring installation – VP Interiors

Struggling to Find an Exterior Siding Contractor in Bellingham, WA?

Here are some steps to take while searching for a exterior siding company in Bellingham.

  1. Ask your community for recommendations

It may seem simple, yet the value of obtaining truthful and legitimate reviews is significant for informed decision-making. We have personally observed marketing strategies that focus on experience, which often lead to overcharging and unsatisfactory customer experiences.

2. Find honest reviews online

When analyzing online reviews for credibility, consider the reviewer’s history. Reviews from an account with multiple submissions in a similar area that describe specific experiences are generally more reliable. However, some reviews may be spam, purchased, or self-authored to manipulate statistics or undermine competitors. For instance, a review from an account with only one post that gives a generic five-star rating is likely fabricated. Similarly, a one-star review from an account with a vague statement such as “not helpful” is often not genuine.

3. Visit Websites and Contact

After identifying a few potential options, visit their websites. A website can reflect how seriously a business approaches its work. While not an absolute rule, businesses with poorly designed or confusing websites often produce work of similar quality. Use their website as an additional indicator of the company’s credibility and professionalism. After conducting your research, reach out to the company and ask questions to gather more information.

4. Ask Questions

Asking questions is crucial as it can uncover important details. For instance, inquire whether the company offers warranties and whether these warranties are genuinely useful or merely technical loopholes designed to evade responsibility. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true, it often is.

We suggest asking questions about the company’s experience, warranties, and products to gain a clearer understanding of what you can expect.

5. Request an in Person Consultation

Meet with your top choices to get a sense of each company and how they present themselves. Determine which contractors you would feel comfortable entrusting your project to. However, we recommend taking a day or two before signing any documents. Be wary of companies that pressure you to make an immediate decision, as this can often lead to regrettable choices.

6. Read and Review Documents!

Unfortunately, some companies use fine print or technicalities to avoid responsibility, which is why we advise against accepting “Pro Rated” warranties or seemingly outrageous claims. Additionally, consider factors such as pricing, timeframe, and whether the work will adhere to code standards or just be done in the easiest way possible. Evaluate the choices for trim, windows, and siding. Sometimes, elements like trim may be omitted to reduce costs.

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Our Experiences With Siding Companies in Bellingham. Here at Boosted Brands, we focus on each niche as if it were our own. As we explored…

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